Annual Wellness Visits

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  • Meet MACRA compliance with preventive care
  • Uncover smoldering chronic conditions
  • Identify functional, vision and hearing loss
  • Reveal challenges in family/social support
  • Address depression and substance abuse
  • Provide appropriate referrals and follow up to reduce progression of disease and improve outcomes

CareGPS Health provides the People, Process, and Technology to perform these services compliantly In-House, without your facility adding new staff or any out of pocket expense. Here are a few:

CareGPS Health has automated the following Medicare reimburses approximately (based on your geography)

$198.00 G0402 – Welcome to Medicare Visit (IPPE) (performed once in a lifetime)
Medicare beneficiaries enrolled under Part B and who obtain IPPE no later than 12 months after date of first Part B coverage.

$173.00 G0438 – Initial Annual Wellness Visit (performed only once)
Medicare beneficiaries who are no longer within 12 months of the IPPE

$139.00 G0439 – Subsequent Annual Wellness Visit (performed annually)
Medicare beneficiaries with no AWV within last 12 months

$18.00 G0442 – Annual Alcohol Screen (performed annually with the AWV)
Medicare beneficiaries enrolled under Part B.

$18.00 G0444 – Annual Depression Screen (may be performed annually with AWV)
Medicare beneficiaries in a primary care setting that has staff-assisted depression care supports in place to assure accurate diagnosis, treatment and follow up.

$24.00 G0447 – Obesity Counseling. (allowed 22 times in a year)
G0447 and G0473 must be billed along with 1 of the ICD-10 codes for BMI 30.0 and over (Z68.30 – Z68.39, Z68.41 – Z68.45). Medicare will pay for G0447 and G04735 with appropriate ICD-10-CM code no more than 22 times in a 12-month period.

$737.00 Potential Revenue from one AWV by partnering with CareGPS Health
(G0438 + G0442 + G0444+G0447)

With our staff and software (or yours), we will check patient eligibility, schedule and then manage the patient ‘s available Medicare based preventive services. Then our staff or yours will complete the requirements for those services prior to the patient sitting with the physician:

  • A review of the patients’ medical and social history
  • An automated review of the potential risk factors for depression and other mood disorders
  • Perform a blood pressure, height, weight and BMI check.
  • Identification of potential functional ability, home modifications and fall safety.
  • Offer end-of-life planning
  • A complete a 5-10 year written care plan immediately available for the patient and physician’s review.
    Preventative healthcare management is the central theme of all value-based initiatives in “The New Healthcare”.

CMS created a list of preventative services that are outsourced very easily. To a company like CareGPS Health that provide an attractive revenue stream.

Our integrated modular suite of patient-centered assessments have been shown to increase revenue, reduce costs and enhance and improve your patient’s health. These services are aligned with new CMS best practices.

Let CareGPS Health help you!
We provide the People, Process, and Technology

CareGPS Health provides the People, Process, and Technology to perform these services compliantly In-House, without your facility adding new staff or out of pocket expense.

Click below for details from CMS:

Click on the link below for a more in depth list of preventative services:

CMS Provider Minute: Preventive Services:

Physician Fee Schedule

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