Value-Based Care Coordination Services:

CareGPS Health LLC, provides the People, Process and Technology for Medicare’s new office-based preventative care programs for Physicians:

The Annual Wellness Visit
Chronic Care Management
Transitional Care Management
Meeting MACRA

Just four of the automated, staffed programs in our innovative care model reducing hospitalizations, lowering costs and improving outcomes for older adults with chronic illnesses. All the while meeting the new MACRA Measures.

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Revenue Cycle Management Services:

We provide professional and cost-effective revenue recovery solutions for Hospitals, Physicians, Medical Practices, Laboratories and all Healthcare related services.
Our innovative medical billing and coding healthcare IT, payer relations, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, provider credentialing and enrollment solution uses your medical billing system or ours to build efficient collection models and to secure money owed to your medical practice.

We are constantly providing back-office special projects such as A/R Clean-Up and provider credentialing and enrollment.

CareGPS Health’s A/R Cleanup services uses your medical billing system or ours to recover revenue quickly and efficiently avoid timely filling losses to secure money owed to your medical practice. Our initial assessment:

Group of Medical Field workers

  • Days in A/R by payer
  • Daily Co-Pay Collection Rate
  • Visit counts
  • Payer mix
  • Revenue per visit
  • Revenue per payer per visit per contracted date
  • Revenue per visity type
  • Charge lag times
  • Denial rates and types
  • Bad debt trending
  • Expected remaining payments
  • Value based quality achievements for scoring
  • Cancelled or missed appointments

We develop other customized assessments based on historical data or projected goals and targets.

CareGPS Health combines new technology and care management that pushes the practice waist deep into the new value based care models and with that comes recurring revenue, enhanced patient outcomes without increasing staff.

When working with CareGPS Health Our proprietary technologies and dedicated staff provide Physicians, Hospitals and FQHC’s a scalable, high performing outsourced administrative back office workflow. You will be to grow your patient base, or clean-up/get ahead of accounts receivables and get off the treadmill. Less expensively than hiring new staff.

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Care Management for High to Rising Risk Patients


We pride ourselves in accurately evaluating the patients’ medical condition and looking beyond the obvious to identify behavioral, economic, environmental and social determinants that may be affecting their health.

The use of medical proffessionals, Occupational Therapists and Certified Aging In Place Specialists (CAPS) help us close gaps and identify the appropriate ongoing care management plan and referrals. We provide a full medical, psychosocial and functional assessment to determine eligibility for ADL (Activities of Daily Living) or IADL (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) programs. We offer a proprietary process for identifying patients in your facility that would benefit most from our services.

To close care gaps and provide a full medical, psychosocial and functional assessment to determine eligibility for ADL (Activities of Daily Living) or IADL (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) programs we have developed a team approach.

A Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS), a Nurse and an Occupational Therapist home visit to your patients with chronic illness and physical limitations can improve mobility, reduce medical visits and lower that persons overall health costs.

The Genworth 2016 Cost of Care Survey for New Jersey states that a monthly cost for a semi-private room in a nursing home can cost $9,885 per month.
We think we can do better as we are aging ourselves with real life experience at this with our own family members. After all, a recent report from Johns Hopkins University highlighted a program similar to ours where:

A Johns Hopkins University associate nursing professor who led the program stated, “Of course, when it comes to health care, patient outcome is the most important factor, but the cost cannot be overlooked. The average cost of delivering the program was $2825 per participant. That includes all ten clinician visits, mileage, care coordination, supervision, home repair and modification, and assistive devices”.

Doctor with OK hand signPreventative healthcare management of patient populations is the central theme of all value-based initiatives in “The New Healthcare”. Enhancing your ability to provide care coordination, risk stratification, and measurable patient engagement is a strategic investment that must be made if you are to survive today.

Providers today are increasingly responsible for managing quality and costs for their entire population of patients.

CareGPS Health has the people, process and technology to help support our healthcare partners with face-to-face assessment and care management services whether at home or in the office.

Part of our workflow is identifying your patients who will benefit most from our services. Our team is specially trained to scrub your EMR/EHR to identify high and most importantly, rising risk patients. Focusing our care coordination efforts on these patients is most likely to benefit the practice and that cohort group simultaneously.

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